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This blog is an attempt to document the good, the bad, and the ugly in regard to the new 29 gallon reef tank we are adding to our tank collection. Feel free to click on the photographs for larger views.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

First thoughts...

Well, the 29 gallon that Aaron gave us is finally up and running. After our second attempt at baffle walls in the sump, a new connector and pipe for the water flowing back into the tank, a variety of check-valve adjustments, about a million trips to Home Depot, and about a million dollars spent with Hello Lights and Doctors Foster & Smith, we are finally up and running for our one week break-in period while Jonathan is out of town. Doesn't that sound about right? "Kristin, I'm gonna need you to take care of the new tank as well as the old one while I'm gone this week," he says. "There's nothing to it," he says. "Just make sure there is 'the right' amount of water here, here, and here...just check it periodically," he says. Yeah, that's about as vague as, well, really vague things. I'm sure I will flood the apartment before he comes back, but that's what he gets for leaving me with this. :-)


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